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Smart applications. For business.

This is what we do

We can't and don't want to keep it hidden for long, we are huge fans of smart IT applications. We invent, build, design and maintain these applications and are always working on new, groundbreaking software solutions.

Our Team

Since 2006 we have grown from a start-up to a mature company with about a hundred developers, project managers, analysts, architects and DevOps. Our core team works closely from the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam with our offices in Serbia (in Belgrade and Novi Sad). This core team is the 'oil between all rotating parts'. That is the power of how we work. Because together we are strong.


This is how we develop software

You will notice that we do have an above-average passion for our work. We are from Rotterdam meaning that we are down to earth and believe in honesty. Our teams work according to the lean agile method on smart applications for business. In an intensive sprint of two weeks, our professional scrum teams form an MVP (a Minimum Viable Product). We always keep in mind that software is a way and not a goal in itselve.

We share our knowledge

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, a term that has been used more and more over the past 10 years. But how do you get started? What should you definitely do if you are going to transform? And how do you create internal involvement? We have already been able to help many companies with software that has formed a transformation. We have brought all our experience together in this white paper.

The OWASP top 10

The security of your software is becoming increasingly important. You don't want to run the unnecessary risk of data leaks or hackers penetrating your systems. We have listed the 10 most common security issues, so that you can see the minimum you need to do to have secure software.