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We are Enigmatry

Once we were a start-up ourselves. We do have 16 years of experience now. Yet there is still a fresh, energetic feel to it that you would expect from a start-up. That is also because we are busy with our passion every day; IT and all the great results we achieve with it.

What we do:

We cannot and do not want to keep it hidden for a long time, we are huge fans of smart IT applications. We invent, build, design and maintain these applications and are always working on new, groundbreaking software solutions.

Our four honor codes

Existing business. transformed.

We help companies develop next level software, with which they can really transform their business. In all our years of experience we have already been able to help many companies with complete transformations with positive consequences. You can read more about our view on this subject and our experience here.

Good idea. Realised.

Some unique, good ideas never see the light of day. At Enigmatry, we want to give anyone seeking a technical partner the opportunity to bring these ideas to life. That is why we also invest in the development of new, fresh ideas. If you want to know how we do that and whether this is interesting for you, read here.

Data streams. Valuable insight.

Yes, we have a lot going on with data. Not surprisingly our IT solutions often contain a lot of data. Data that can be used very well to gain insight into important processes and/or topics within a company. So we help companies to gain this insight. If you want to know more about data flows, you can read it here

Running software. Smartly managed.

Old, legacy software or new software does not make a difference to us. Managing and supporting software is a profession in its own right and we have seen many times that poor management has catastrophic consequences for business operations. We know from this experience what you should and should not pay attention to when you start managing it. If you want to know how we look at legacy software, read our articles on this subject.

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Meet the team:

Are you looking for a company that gives you honest advice and thinks along with your challenges? Then you've come to the right place at Enigmatry.

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