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No updates, No support.

Using the right software is essential for your company to function optimally. Good software can support business activities and processes, make them clear or sometimes even completely take over. Because software plays an increasingly important role, it has taken an indispensable position within the business processes of many companies. This means that when software no longer works properly, it can significantly impact the functioning and growth of the company in question. If that is the case, there are 2 options to choose from: improving the existing software or developing new software. Curious about what is the best choice for your organization? These are the 5 signs that your software needs to be replaced.

No updates.

No updates.

Everyone has experienced it. Your favourite program, device or software will no longer receive new updates. The software supplier may choose this because of the age of the software and the development of a new software version or software package. There is no immediate need to panic because these systems can often still serve for a while. But if this is the case, an alternative will inevitably have to be found. If no updates are developed, the software will eventually lag further behind. Compatibility with new digital initiatives is also deteriorating, and user problems can no longer be resolved from the system. At that point, investing in a new variant is often cheaper than continuing to work with the old one.

No support.

If no new updates are developed for software, its functionality decreases. But what if your supplier no longer supports the software you use? With this problem, prevention is better than cure. After all, the software within your company is a crucial part of the business processes, and if it disappears, it will undoubtedly cause problems. Therefore, regularly take a critical look at your business software and resolve any problems in a timely manner.

Software renewal is not just about releasing new features, it is mainly about keeping the software up to date and compatible.

- Enigmatry

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The software goes through different stages. It starts with an idea, development, rollout and finally, maintenance. In the early stages, the software is still new and is often worked on by different people. When software has been around for a while and maintaining it requires less work, its continued existence and development may depend on one person. If this is the case, it may be time for new software. After all, you don't want the functionality of an essential system within your organization to depend on one person.



Mutual compatibility must be considered when multiple applications and software work together within an organization. It may be that the software that once worked very well no longer fits within the application landscape. If the compatibility of the applications is not optimal, this can have a negative impact on business processes. In that case, it is better to delve into software that fits seamlessly with other tools in the company. We are happy to help you with this.


Organizations and industries are continuously undergoing developments. To ensure that software has added value, it must keep up with these developments and innovations. Is your software not flexible enough to cope with developments? Then, it may be time for new software so that your company stays ahead of the competition and is ready for the future.

Are you experiencing any of these problems within your company? Then, your organization is ready for a breath of fresh air from the software. This may seem difficult at first, but using the right software will only bring benefits in the long term.

Are you curious about what new software looks like for your company and what you can achieve with it? Contact us, and we will look into the future together!