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Look for alternatives. Enigmatry as a service.

There is a serious shortage of people. It is on the news every day. There have never been as many new vacancies as in the past month, vacancies that are not being filled. This is the same in the IT sector, although there has always been a shortage of people in the IT sector. However, the digitalization brought about by the pandemic and an entire workforce that has started working from home is causing an increase in work and a widening gap between demand and available people.

Supply & demand.

Supply & demand.

It is also not surprising that IT recruitment is overheating. Not only the major players in the Netherlands, such as Coolblue, PostNL and Just Eat Takeaway, have become innovative IT companies in which IT plays a more significant role than the product. SMEs must also innovate digitally, say goodbye to outdated software and develop new business models.

IT suppliers now have to indicate that they can no longer pick up assignments due to a shortage of employees. If you have work experience in IT or training in IT or related to it, you can expect a full LinkedIn inbox with offers you would hardly think possible. Therefore, It is no wonder that a lot of money must be spent to retain good staff.

Recruitment worldwide.

Add to that the fact that talent is now being scouted worldwide. Bonding with your company and colleagues is an important point for many employees. But now that working from home has become more of the norm, it appears that this also has its advantages. Therefore, many technical staff were able to switch without difficulty and continue working from home. You now see that this also ensures that recruitment goes from regional, national, to international. Because yes, working from home for a company on the other side of the world is now within reach.

What impact are you making?

A logical consequence of a shortage of IT staff is that they have a choice. Primary employment conditions play a role, but so do secondary employment conditions. The conversation is about corporate culture, making an impact, meaning and a healthy work/life balance. Why would you work for a company with outdated technology, a corporate culture that does not suit you and little innovation when there is so much to choose from?

Low income countries.

Low income countries.

But fortunately, there are low-wage countries, right? Enough people at a low rate. And that's where things go wrong. Because, of course, it's not about the headcount but the value that is delivered. Nearshoring and outsourcing are good options if they actually deliver value instead of more hassle. In addition, wages are rising rapidly in these countries, and in some positions, they are higher than, for example, in the Netherlands.

Nearshoring is no longer about a lot and cheap; it is about good people who help your company, and you pay for that. With nearshoring, recruiting and retaining people who make a difference becomes the main activity, including an appropriate salary.

It's 5 to 12.

Companies must innovate to keep up. The biggest challenge used to be implementing the innovation itself, but now it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who can make this happen at all. Innovation will soon come from good ideas and companies that manage to retain technical personnel. This can be done through money and secondary employment conditions. IT purchasing is more expensive than not so long ago.

The solution:

At Enigmatry, we work with our connected companies in Serbia to ensure we always have professionals available for customer projects. This way, our customers can continue to grow unhindered and stay one step ahead of the competition. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Contact Bram or Sjoerd, and we will tell you all about it.

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