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Approach to digital innovation

At Enigmatry, entrepreneurship is in our genes. Combined with knowledge and experience, we have been creating custom software that suits companies for years.

Custom software with knowledge, experience and entrepreneurship.

Custom software with knowledge, experience and entrepreneurship.

Enigmatry was founded in 2006 and has been developing custom software for numerous companies since. In addition to expertise in application development, entrepreneurship is ingrained in Enigmatry's DNA. You will notice this in our conversations and how we approach a business case.

Before we start developing custom software, it is important that we know precisely what challenges an organization has. We spend a lot of time understanding the business case and determining priorities. For example, we organize substantive workshops and ensure a team feeling with open communication. We will continue until we have identified the challenges. We analyze these to come up with an action plan. What are the pitfalls, and more importantly, what are the opportunities? We then jointly determine which customized solution best suits the customer's wishes.

By focusing on good cooperation, a pragmatic approach and trust, we can work together step by step to deliver software that suits the customer. This approach to software development with fast and reliable results can also lead to a rapid digital transformation of a company or ensure accelerated digitalization of business processes.

Digitizing processes.

Whether it concerns developing software as a flywheel of a digital transformation or digitizing a process. When developing software, determining priorities is essential. By making this clear, you also give direction to the development order. We work with Agile/Scrum ourselves and manage priorities through the backlog. We work iteratively with sprints of 1 or 2 weeks. After each sprint, a clear result is visible, and a substantive discussion follows to determine the next steps. To learn more about scrum, read more about this methodology here.

Digitizing processes.

A team that strives for success!

The most crucial factor in our approach and the key to success is our team. Writing software is a human job, and our team has both knowledge and experience. Because you are embarking on an intensive process together, it is essential to have a good connection and to trust each other to achieve the desired result. Enigmatry has a team of carefully selected technical colleagues who do not shy away from a challenge. If you want to know who the people behind the code are, we will introduce them to you here.

The ingredients that Enigmatry uses to develop successful software are:

  • Our developers, project managers, analysts and architects. In short, the team!
  • Knowledge
  • Years of experience
  • Project approach that focuses on business value

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