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My digital workplace. For healthcare providers.

What do healthcare providers need?

What innovation makes their lives easier? It is short but powerful and, simultaneously, one of our most important pillars. We develop applications that primarily bring convenience and insight. Otherwise, we will. Take My Digital Workplace, for example. This healthcare innovation allows healthcare teams to work together more easily and efficiently. And we know it works, thanks to the input and feedback we received from dozens of healthcare experts during the development of this product.

Together with healthcare providers

Together with healthcare providers

We developed My Digital Workplace not behind a desk but together with a team of professionals. We spoke to healthcare providers and researched and tested the application extensively. We then adjusted the application and tested it again until we were satisfied.

On any device and everywhere

Working in healthcare is dynamic. Colleagues are on the road often and do not see each other daily. How do you ensure colleagues always have the correct information at the right time? We have developed My Digital Workplace for these teams. With this, we bring together all information from your applications and ensure that your colleagues can report safely. On any device and everywhere.

We now have a dashboard that can be used on all devices. Our colleagues log in in the morning and see all the important information at a glance. They see for which clients new reports have been placed, where things are going well and which clients have a higher priority. In addition, there is room for messages from the Intranet, and it is possible to quickly and easily look up information from colleagues. This is extremely valuable, especially when on the road, such as having a quick consultation.

Evert Janssen, Manager I&A at Pameijer

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The benefits at a glance

  • The application brings together information flows from multiple applications.
  • It works on all devices and can also be accessed offline.
  • Sharing knowledge or looking up information is easy. This contributes to the team functioning better.
  • The application easily integrates with existing systems, such as intranet, email, timetable and agendas.
  • Colleagues can report safely in the ECD (Electronic Client File). Also on the road.
  • The application makes reporting and searching for information more efficient and thus increases the satisfaction of colleagues and teams.

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Work digitally, even when you are not at home or in the office

We spoke to many healthcare providers about their work and investigated what they needed to make it easier. One of the most important outcomes was a clear dashboard so that they could see at a glance which tasks and activities were still open, what had priority, whether there were important announcements, and which colleagues were still working, for example. And we have developed that overview.

With My Digital Workplace, we bring information flows together. Links can be made with agendas and schedules, but also, for example, the ECD (electronic client file). This way, colleagues do not have to log in in multiple places, but they only do this once. And that makes reporting and collaboration a lot easier.

Work digitally, even when you are not at home or in the office

My Digital Workplace from Pameijer. Available on all devices.

A healthcare provider with more than 2,800 employees is active in the middle of South Holland, in the Rotterdam region. Pameijer supports people for whom participating in society is difficult. For example, due to psychosocial or psychiatric problems or a mild intellectual disability. Whether it concerns growing up, raising children, living, working, free time, or social contact. Clients' requests for help vary, but the possibility of development is always assumed with the support needed. For some, this is supervised work. For others, that means living with 24-hour support.

Pameijer's care providers are on the road a lot and are, therefore, dependent on a suitable registration and reporting system. Unfortunately, the ECD (Electronic Client File) they use for an important part of the reports is not accessible on all devices. And that means that care providers do not always have the most up-to-date information at their disposal. That is enough reason for Evert Janssen, I&A Manager at Pameijer, to look for a solution.

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