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Industry innovation. Auctioning high-value products.

We have been helping entrepreneurs implement their innovative ideas for many years. This also applies to WeAuction, a company that ensures that auctions become more accessible. We want to tell you more about this innovative idea.

From horses from Dubai to electronics from a large electronics company, everything is auctioned with the auction software that we have been able to develop for WeAuction.

- Jelle de Haan (CEO)

The challenge:

Making auctions publicly accessible with a platform that ensures that you can participate fully, both online and offline.

It is impossible for an interested buyer to be physically present at auctions anywhere in the world. And yet, a serious party wants to participate as fully as possible in a purchase or sale. Especially in high-value auctions of horses, cars or real estate, it is crucial that the potential buyer gets a clear idea of what he is actually bidding on. Since valuable goods are involved, high standards are imposed on these types of auctions. In addition, the seller expects a stable and secure auction environment in which promises are kept. It would be nice if auctions were made public, and in an online auction environment, it was as if you were physically present at the auction.

The solution:

Our partner at WeAuction is Paul Rijk. He had a genius idea: creating a high-quality platform on which B2B parties can use innovative techniques to set up an auction independently for online, offline or hybrid auctions.

The solution:

Together works.

An online environment offers unprecedented possibilities for the auction world. The requirements for such a platform are high, especially when auctioning high-value products. Paul Rijk had been active in the auction world for some time when he was looking for an IT partner to develop WeAuction together. Through this tool, the auctioneer is now really broadening his market. The hybrid auctions that can be held via WeAuction are incredibly unique.

In hybrid auctions, bidding can be done both from the computer and in the room. This means that people all over the world can bid. Because hybrid auctions involve online and offline collaboration, a lot is required of the software.

We developed the technology based on Paul's idea. With .NET Core, Angular, VueJS, Azure AD B2C and Azure, we built the platform on which both hybrid and online-only auctions are possible.

We have already seen many great examples of this online application. WeAuction has grown into a major player. For example, horses were auctioned from Dubai via the platform, and a large electronics group has now also found its way to the new auction method.

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Together works.

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Industry innovation. Auctioning high-value products.

For years, we have been helping entrepreneurs to implement their innovative ideas. WeAuction is one such example, read more about this special collaboration.