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How does custom software development work?

Developing custom software always starts with a question. This is the starting point. Then, you look at how you can best solve this question. What is the desired outcome?

What result would you like to see? And what will it take to get there? What are your other wishes for the new software? All these questions and more are included in the development process. A developer will then work for you to build the software in steps. By doing this in steps, you keep track of progress and can make adjustments quite easily if necessary.

What can you expect from a software provider?

What can you expect from a software provider?

The reason why some people today are hesitant about custom software is because they cannot always properly understand the complexity and risks. That makes it confusing and risky from their point of view. A good choice of software supplier is, therefore, essential when embarking on such a process.

Many software parties make a quotation with the rosiest scenario. All exceptions - and there will soon be many - will then be sold as additional work.

Because the client sometimes cannot fully understand the complexity of software development, they do not know what challenges they will encounter. So, how do you manage such a process? As a result, a quotation is often submitted to several parties, and the client then chooses the cheapest provider.

An honest story.

At Enigmatry, we always offer an honest story. We enjoy our work and enjoy doing it. So, no sweet talk or fuss during development with us. We do not find it a problem to have sharp discussions in advance. We provide honest advice and the clearest possible picture of the costs, where we also indicate what the risks and choices are. When developing custom software, you can encounter unexpected things, both in the development and the client's wishes. If you do it right, you can manage this process very well, provided you communicate openly with each other.

In the first contact, until a deal is closed, it is essential to be precise. It is necessary that the client understands the process. At Enigmatry, we work in an agile way. This means that we make a long-term plan, divide it into short periods and then reduce it to a concrete plan. Once the development process has started, contact takes place at fixed times that suit our scrum working method, with daily stand-ups, demos, and so on. Because we continuously deliver parts in between, our clients always know where we stand and what they can expect. Ultimately, a software supplier must be focused on the goal of achieving results together with the customer within the budget and time he has in mind.

So, no sweet talk or fuss during development with us.

- Enigmatry

Triangle of money, quality and time.

Software development is a triangle of money, quality and time. You can't capture all three. That is often what parties promise or pretend to be, but that is ultimately not the case. You can focus on two things, but you must let go of the third. If you want the highest quality and the most extensive possible scope, you can no longer make a statement about money. Then you have to accept that for what it is. In practice, it is often the case that an x ‚Äč‚Äčamount of money is available, and a certain minimum quality is expected. Then, you have to let go of the scope. That's what we always say. You don't know 100% in advance what you will encounter along the way or what you really need. So, we want to be flexible in development, but let's ensure that when the money runs out, there is a working version of the software.

Minimum Viable Product.

Minimum Viable Product.

That is usually the biggest problem in custom software development; the money has run out, but there is no working software to work with. Whether you want to or not, you are forced to continue investing. At Enigmatry, we ensure that you work towards a first version of the software that may not contain all the functionalities you wanted in advance but that there is a minimum workable version - an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Then, you can get started with what we have built.

Once you have a workable version, you will also know better what your next steps should be because you will receive feedback on the first version. You can then develop further based on priorities and feedback. This way, you always have a workable version of your software at the end of the process, and you can continue to develop it stably.

This is something we consciously focus on and what distinguishes us from other software parties. They know that once the customer has chosen them - because of a cheap offer - and they have already spent money, they will not drop out when the money has run out, but no working software has yet been delivered. For the software supplier, it is an optimization of how you can earn money with custom software development, but it is a nasty process. That's something we don't feel like doing.

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