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How long does software last?

Many organizations assume that software will last at least five to ten years. They often invest heavily in a new system, only to discover after two years that the average programmer already considers it quite outdated. At Enigmatry, we see that in about 80% of cases, a client already has software before they come to us. In many cases, the software is outdated, no longer fits the organization and its wishes, and does not work well with the current supplier.

Innovative or solid?

Innovative or solid?

Many programmers like to work on the most innovative and new projects, while in reality, most companies run on outdated software. To deal with this properly, you need programmers who understand how older technologies work. For example, they still know how reserving memory worked before you could put a piece of text in it. It was then essential to know how long the text was. Otherwise, you would reserve too little memory and risk crashing the system. Programmers who are now graduating from training do not know this technique. This process is fully automated, so they no longer need this knowledge. But what if part of your system still depends on these processes or methods?

There are several alternatives for outdated software:

  • adapt software and keep it running until an alternative is available
  • rebuild the outdated software

Also, read our article about replacing old software. Do you want to prevent it from happening? Then you have to maintain your software well, just like a car.

You have to maintain good software.

At Enigmatry, we like to compare software with cars. You can buy a brand-new car today, but you won't have a nice car in a few years if you don't check it annually (or more often). You have to lubricate, top up and check a car regularly, and if something is wrong, you have to replace it. If you do this regularly, for example, annually, and immediately replace everything that no longer functions, you can be sure your car will remain good and sound.

It works exactly the same with software. You cannot release software immediately after purchasing it. The software also needs maintenance. If you regularly address the pain points, replace old pieces with new pieces and continue to maintain your software well, there is a good chance that it will still suit your organization well in the long term. This way, you ensure that old code and techniques are replaced and that your application or system is and remains ready for the future.

How can you ensure that software lasts as long as possible?

- Enigmatry

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