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Online learning platform: an intensive partnership with The Rolf Group.

Enigmatry values profound collaborations, such as the one with The Rolf Groep, focused on the development of 'Mijn Academie' (My Academy). Jelle de Haan, director of Enigmatry, shares insights about this fruitful partnership and the creation of this online learning platform.

Could you tell me more about the collaboration between Enigmatry and The Rolf Group?

Could you tell me more about the collaboration between Enigmatry and The Rolf Group?

“We are developing a product together called ‘My Academy’. This is an online learning platform, especially for primary school teachers. They need to be trained and the government has also made time and budget available for this. They can give substance to this through this platform. On the one hand, by following online training courses, and on the other hand, by registering for courses and training courses given in classrooms.”

“The Rolf Group already has a platform, but it is somewhat outdated and does not fully meet their needs. They purchase this from another party, which means they have less influence on the features that are developed for it. We then started talking to each other and decided to develop a new platform that fully meets their wishes. We want to conquer the market together.”

In that sense it is also a special collaboration, because we really work together as partners. We take care of the technical side, which includes the construction, further development and management of the software. They provide the content and do the marketing and sales of the product. Ultimately, we divide the resulting income together. In that sense, it differs from a traditional project, where we usually send a quote and get paid for the number of hours we work. Here, we really share in the success of the product.”

“Furthermore, the cooperation is generally good. It is a very nice project and a nice customer. We also visited them with the development team from Serbia to get acquainted. Not only because of this product but also to see what else they do. This gives us a better picture and feeling of the product.”

You indicate that this is a slightly different collaboration than usual. Can you tell us more about how you went about it and what makes the collaboration between De Rolf Group and Enigmatry such a good match?

“In that sense, it is different that we now do not work based on quotations. This is really about collaboration, and we decide together which direction the product will take. We both are interested in it being successful and share in the proceeds. That doesn’t make it completely unique because we have more of these types of collaborations. We also contacted The Rolf Group through another partner, where we have a similar construction.”

We are proud of this special collaboration.

- Jelle de Haan

A significant advantage of this project is that you already have experience with this way of working and also in the same industry.

“Exactly. This form of collaboration is fairly unique. However, it suits them quite well, and we are experienced in the market. Moreover, we are good at realizing these types of technically complex solutions. That makes it a good match.”

Can you tell us more about the working method so far? How do you draw up a plan, for example?

“It starts with getting to know each other and understanding where the company wants to go. At the beginning of the collaboration, we want to get to know the customer and their vision and then put a dot on the horizon. The Rolf Group was very clear about this. They see this as a growth market and are convinced that if we set up this platform properly, they can conquer a large part of the market. At the moment, they still have a small segment of the market, so there is a lot of potential there.”

“However, they are also looking at ideas regarding the type of licenses they can sell and really see teacher training as an integral part of their service. You can sell a box of iPads, but if you don’t teach them what they can do with them, they will remain in the box, and nothing will happen to them. In that respect, The Rolf Group is transforming from a traditional product company, which supplied school items, to also supplying knowledge about those products. My Academy is an important part.”

“We will launch a product’s first version in the short term. This shouldn’t take too long because they also need to get feedback from the end users about the product’s functionality. What is catching on, and what do we need to develop further? That first version is expected to go live in March. So, that must already be a working system. All the basic things should be in there. A teacher must be able to log in, register for a course and take it. The school must then receive an invoice. In later versions, we will expand this with additional features that we think are valuable to attract new customers.”

When did the collaboration succeed for you?

When did the collaboration succeed for you?

“There are several things you can measure that against. Ultimately, our shared goal is for it to be a successful product that benefits both of us. That is the test to determine whether it will be the success that we currently predict. It is essential that the customer is satisfied with the product and the development process. We have to get a good feel for each other in this.

“During the collaboration, we will have to carefully coordinate how to further develop and expand the product based on the customer’s wishes. What should we tackle first, and what should we postpone? What do we think is important from a technical point of view, and what do they see from the users? The ultimate test is that the product takes off and thus offers the added value we have in mind.”

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