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Collaboration between The Rolf Group and Enigmatry: An Extremely Positive Experience.

At the beginning of 2020, Enigmatry and The Rolf Group embarked on a distinctive partnership. Together, they are developing a future-proof platform aimed at enhancing the skills of education and care professionals in the Netherlands. This joint initiative commenced with several special days during which the teams from Enigmatry and The Rolf Group collaborated to share knowledge and skills.

We had the opportunity to speak with Kim Bakker from The Rolf Group regarding the collaboration with Enigmatry.

Could you provide more details about what The Rolf Group does?

Could you provide more details about what The Rolf Group does?

Our approach is centered around improving childcare and education, offering support in various ways. We supply play materials, educational methodologies, and furniture. Additionally, we provide a complete ICT environment, guiding schools in seamless cloud-based operations. Furthermore, we offer services to facilitate professional development.”

“So, we essentially have three key pillars: tangible products like furnishings and play materials, the provision of ICT environments with guidance programs, and an education and advice branch. The latter focuses on enhancing the skills of teachers and pedagogical staff in childcare, and it is from this branch that we collaborate with Enigmatry.”

“Within the consultancy branch, we deliver various training programs, some conducted online and others as a blend of online and practical sessions. We also organize study trips and conferences to disseminate knowledge in diverse ways. Currently, we are working with Enigmatry to establish the premier learning platform for education and care in the Netherlands. Although we already have a platform, it is no longer future-proof. Our aim is to rebuild it entirely, incorporating the latest technological advancements, ensuring a sustained flow of knowledge to industry professionals.”

This response indicates a broad focus on education. In which area is digital innovation particularly crucial for you, or is it equally important in all aspects?

“As an organization, our commitment is to stay ahead, continually offering innovative products, services, and training to professionals in education and care. When constructing a platform, such as the ongoing collaboration with Enigmatry, it needs to be meticulously crafted to efficiently disseminate all information. This must align with the latest technological possibilities to remain current and, above all, future-proof.”

We have an extremely positive feeling about Enigmatry.

- Kim Bakker

Where are you currently in the process with Enigmatry?

“We entered into the partnership in October 2019. From that moment on, we immediately took action. A third partner, who is responsible for the graphic design work, was recently added. You have to think about the brand position and the marketing side. We have now created a beautiful three-unit where the strengths and expertise of all parties are utilized. Although we have made a very good start in terms of construction, we still have a lot of work to do. We are still in the early stages in that regard.”

Could you give an insight into the process that has taken place from October to now?

“There was quite a lot of time pressure for us. We initially had another partner, but we lost confidence in him. So we chose to switch to Enigmatry, and with what we know now, we are very happy that we made that choice. There was a sense of urgency when we left that other partner. We were introduced to Enigmatry in a very short period. Still, we were left with such an extremely good feeling, in terms of professionalism and approach, that we immediately had the confidence to complete the deal quickly.”

Enigmatry then immediately made the team available for us very expeditiously. From that moment on, we talked to their people several times a week about various parts of construction. We discuss prioritization with the analyst and have calls with the developers to see which functions we choose. It would have been ideal if the design partner had also been involved in the early stages of the process. We have made some progress there, but now that the party has joined in, the three of us can speed up the process again.”

What makes the difference between that previous partner and Enigmatry?

What makes the difference between that previous partner and Enigmatry?

“The professionalism, the knowledge, the drive and entrepreneurship. At Enigmatry, they are not afraid to invest and take the accelerated step to action in a well-thought-out manner.

What has been the highlight of your collaboration so far?

“I still remember that last Tuesday, we had a visit from the development team in Belgrade. That was really fun. That introduction was also good for bonding so that the development team saw with their own eyes how we work. They came to our showroom, and we could tell them about our company, what we offer and what the place of this learning platform is in the organization.”

“They have gotten a very good picture of our organization in this way, which has added a lot of meaning to what they are now building. They now have the bigger picture very clearly in mind. Besides that, it was also just a lot of fun. People could really play with our materials. ‘Play is the highest form of education’, I sometimes say. It was very nice to see how everyone from Enigmatry got to work on this.”

“In addition, all contact moments are of high quality. They are goal-oriented and focused; progress is always being made. I think that is a solid point in the working method.”

As mentioned, you are still in the early stages, and there are still some steps to take. When did this collaboration succeed for you?

“I dream that every educational professional and every professional in childcare sees our platform as the source of knowledge. Where they learn with pleasure but where they are guaranteed the quality of the materials and knowledge and where they can trust that the source is good. I like that it is incredibly user-friendly and that it also looks fantastic. Then I am really very happy.”

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