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KlasMastr an online learning platform.

In 2020, Enigmatry embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with The Rolf group to bring KlasMastr to life—an online learning platform designed to empower teachers and childcare professionals with a diverse range of training and courses.

Thousands of teachers are now active on KlasMastr, and there will be many more!

- The Rolf Group

Good idea realized.

Beyond supplying traditional school materials, the Rolf group has been a longstanding provider of training for primary education. Recognizing a growing demand for online training, they searched for a partner with expertise in software development. Enigmatry, known for its innovative approach, proved to be the perfect fit.

After that good click, an intensive collaboration emerged. Enigmatry and the Rolf Group jointly invest in Klasmastr, each with their own expertise, with the aim of achieving the jointly formulated objectives.

Teams working together.

The project started in 2020 with an introductory week. During this week, the development team went out with the Rolf group team to get to know each other better and discuss the business case and wishes.

Aldert de Vries, technical project manager of Enigmatry, emphasizes the significance of this joint ownership: "We take much more responsibility for the application and are more of a partner than a subcontractor. We have a common goal: to sell as many licenses as possible."

Teams working together.


Boasting a diverse offering of over a thousand courses, KlasMastr categorizes training by theme—ranging from 'the young child' to 'behaviour and brain' and 'ICT'. Teachers can enroll individually for personal development or, alternatively, school boards can request simultaneous training for all educators.

Financing options are flexible, with two contract forms—each with its unique advantages. The responsibility for budget allocation is shifting, with the second form gaining popularity among educators.

"The basic application is there. We will now expand this further. We want to achieve a multiple of ten thousand," states Aldert. The steering group is committed to this vision, focusing on continuous development.

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Continuous development.

Completed in mid-2020, KlasMastr is already actively utilized by ten thousand teachers. However, recognizing the dynamic nature of education, the steering group remains dedicated to continuous improvement, envisioning KlasMastr as a transformative application that adapts to changing needs.

An application like KlasMastr is an ongoing project. It is typically a type of application that is never finished; the world changes, and wishes and needs change. Remarkably, the training platform is increasingly being encapsulated in HRM-like applications, which, for example, allows concrete work to be done on goals. This match between HRM and the training offering is currently being further refined. This is another step towards further perfecting the application.

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KlasMastr an online learning platform.

Enigmatry, together with The Rolf Group, developed an online platform that offers training and courses to teachers and employees of childcare organizations.