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Sensitive information. Thorough reporting.

Efficient registration and clear reporting of sensitive information on discrimination posed a challenge—a challenge we addressed with smart solutions.

- Enigmatry


Various Dutch Anti-Discrimination Facilities (ADVs) receive reports of discrimination. But once that information is there, everything must be recorded and analyzed. The ADVs must also justify themselves with proper reporting. A secure job where strict privacy rules apply. Because who is allowed to view all that sensitive information? What is preserved? And how long? How do you conveniently do this without having a huge budget? That was the question that the party that plays a vital role in our society put to us.


We built a solid system with the rapid application development (RAD) platform Betty Blocks and thus achieved our client's goal. Using these existing resources, we didn't have to come up with a completely new solution. A pragmatic approach - that was the motto. This allowed us to deliver faster and cheaper without making far-reaching concessions.


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Sensitive information. Thorough reporting.

Properly register and clearly report discrimination with limited resources.