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Traditional family business. High tech IoT business.

Innovating language course methods for different target groups.

For our digital business transformation, we found a strong partner in Enigmatry. Added value.

- CEO Eric Razenberg


Publisher ThiemeMeulenhoff had been offering Dutch as a second language (NT2) courses for some time when they approached Enigmatry. The technology with which the online courses were offered to different target groups (from children to highly educated non-native speakers) needed to be replaced. The system was outdated, unstable and regularly unavailable. It was also slower than desirable. Continuing like this for longer was not an option. An involved party building more than just new software could provide some relief.


We built a platform on which the Zebra+, IJsbreker+ and Code+ learning methods become their own. We entered a unique collaboration for the new digital learning platform for Dutch as a second language. ThiemeMeulenhoff supplied the teaching methods and updated content, and we invested in the technology. So, it became a joint project that we are now constantly developing and have a share in. The result is a fast, flexible platform with a straightforward interface.


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Working together.

When the Dutch as a second language course needed to be updated, ThiemeMeulenhoff faced a dilemma. NT2 as a method did not have a direct focus for the publisher because it did not belong clearly within the target groups of primary and secondary education. Nevertheless, ThiemeMeulenhoff did not want to abandon the course. However, investing deeply in a method that was not seen as a core task was also not a desirable option. We found each other exactly at that intersection. We became a partner in this project.

We built the new platform without the publisher having to invest in the product themselves. Ultimately, we share in the proceeds. We have become very active in forming partnerships in recent years. You underline an extra commitment by going a step further in such a collaboration.


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Traditional family business. High tech IoT business.

Completely renew an extensive language course for different target groups.