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P1 Multi-Tenant back office system for permit management.

P1 is a company that arranges parking facilities for numerous municipalities. That's easier said than done because different parking policy rules apply in every municipality. And there are countless exceptions to all those rules, which creates a wide variety of data. When P1 started looking for a new way to process all this data, they still used a system that was essentially copied and adapted again for each municipality. This results in quite a bit of maintenance. That unnecessary work should be thrown overboard. Preferably in a way that makes it feel to each municipality as if the permits are being applied for on its unique site.

The solution.

We built a multi-tenant back office system that is ready for the future with the rapid application development (RAD) platform Betty Blocks. Therefore, we came up with a technically unique solution for this complex question. We also created a customizable customer portal. This allows each municipality to continue to use its own colours and logos.


The deeper you delve into the regulations regarding parking permits, the more surprised you will become. One of the many examples that parking service provider P1 has to deal with is that in some municipalities, you cannot apply for a parking permit if you already have a parking space on your own property. And there are many more rules and exceptions to mention. Such varied material requires a flexible system that we built on behalf of P1.

This should be clear not only for the end user who applies for the permit. On the other side, the webshop must also provide clarity on the municipality's side. For example, when a scanned car drives around, the permit webshop answers the question of whether or not a scanned car has a permit. A growing number of municipalities are now using the permit webshop, including Tilburg, Roermond and Leiden.

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P1 Multi-Tenant back office system for permit management.

For P1, we developed a future-proof back-office system with a customizable customer portal. Smart software and customization in one online shop for permits.