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My digital workplace. Always available.

If you are on the road a lot as a healthcare worker, you want to have up-to-date information at hand. But how do you arrange this if that information is fragmented across various systems?

We now have a dashboard that is usable on all devices. Our colleagues log in in the morning and see all the essential information at a glance.

- Evert Janssen, I&A Manager at Pameijer


A healthcare provider with more than 2,800 employees is active in the middle of South Holland, in the Rotterdam region. Pameijer supports people for whom participating in society is difficult. For example, due to psychosocial or psychiatric problems or a mild intellectual disability. Whether it concerns growing up, raising children, living, working, free time or social contacts. Clients' requests for help vary, but the possibility of development is always assumed with the support needed. Some require supervised work, while others need 24-hour support in their living arrangements.

Pameijer's care providers are on the road a lot and, therefore, depend on a suitable registration and reporting system. Unfortunately, the ECD (Electronic Client File) that they use for an essential part of the reports is not accessible on all devices. And that means that care providers do not always have the most up-to-date information at their disposal. There is enough reason for Evert Janssen, I&A Manager at Pameijer, to look for a solution.

Linking existing and new systems.

"Our colleagues have to report in different ways. We have time registrations for our clients, but we also report on the care provided," Evert Janssen explains.

"To estimate priorities correctly, our colleagues must have all the information. And with the current system, that was not possible on the road. That's why we looked for a solution that could display information from multiple sources. First of all, the reports, so that colleagues always see the most up-to-date information and progress." Evert emphasizes that it is not about a planning system or a task list but that the care content is central. "We also wanted to add more information for our colleagues," he adds. "For example, information from the intranet, agendas or important documents from the knowledge base."

Linking existing and new systems.

Problem in pictures.

Enigmatry and Pameijer quickly established a strong connection, after which the parties decided to develop a minimal viable product (MVP). Because the product has to be used by hundreds of healthcare providers at Pameijer, Evert and his colleagues first talked to the healthcare providers. The central question was: what do you need to do your work better and more efficiently? And several user stories emerged from this. “We developed these user stories, and a sketch of an MVP emerged. We have consciously not elaborated on it too much. Because we wanted to give Enigmatry the confidence and space to develop a solution ourselves.” Enigmatry started working with these user stories.


Anonymous, Second assistant on the 3rd floor
Developers on the road with first responders.

Developers on the road with first responders.

Enigmatry has a team of developers in Serbia but quickly decided that they should come to the Netherlands first. In this way, the healthcare providers, Evert's team and the developers of Enigmatry had the opportunity to get to know each other well. The developers of Enigmatry spent several days accompanying healthcare providers during their work. "That was very pleasant. It was a good start to our collaboration and allowed the developers to experience the problem properly. They knew what they were working for and, more importantly, for whom."

After a few days, the team returned to Serbia and got to work. The developers at Enigmatry work in an Agile way, which means that products are delivered in short sprints. "That was nice for us. It was the first time we outsourced such a large project; if you regularly see results and can test this, you are more likely to be reassured." Pameijer was shown a product demonstration every two weeks, with the results delivered. "For us, this was also a great moment to be able to provide feedback and start a conversation." The project was completed within the deadline after more than four months.

From MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to the entire organization.

Pameijer initially rolled out the MVP to ten teams within the organization, approximately 250 employees. They have been working with it for three months, and the results are good. The MVP has just been evaluated, and Evert can already tell they will roll out the project across the entire organization. “We now have a dashboard that can be used on all devices. Our colleagues log in in the morning and see all the important information at a glance. They see for which clients new reports have been placed, where things are going well and which clients should be given higher priority. There is also room for messages from the Intranet agenda items, and it is possible to quickly and easily look up information from colleagues. This is extremely valuable, especially while on the road, for example, to be able to have a quick consultation.”

This has solved a critical problem for Pameijer. Enigmatry and Pameijer will investigate how they can further use the dashboard in the organization in the coming months. “We currently mainly use it for our colleagues in healthcare, but ultimately, we would like to use it for all colleagues.” This way, everyone can start their day with the right information.

We looked at standard solutions, but no product met our needs. Customization ultimately turned out to be a more efficient solution.

- Evert Janssen, I&A Manager at Pameijer

Customization as an efficient solution.


Pameijer initially started looking at existing solutions. “We compared several products from parties, but nowhere did we find the ideal solution for our problem. For example, many solutions allow you to share documents and collaborate more easily, but integration with our ECD was impossible.” The next step was customization, which is why Evert decided to hire a specialist in digital workplaces, Mixit. And via Mixit they arrived at Enigmatry.

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My digital workplace. Always available.

Healthcare information always available. Enigmatry developed a solution that makes this information available to healthcare workers everywhere and on any device.