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Replace old software.

Do you recognize this? It's been a while since you implemented the software. It was a significant investment, and you are still working with it, but in the meantime, it could use a major update. Unfortunately, the software is not adequately supported due to rapid technological developments, or the desired adjustments are simply too expensive. Fortunately, many organizations have a good administrator who knows the system inside and out. What if this person leaves, the supplier can no longer help you, and the system is severely outdated?

Old software can make you vulnerable.

Old software can make you vulnerable.

Although old software has often been an essential part of your company for years, it also comes with risks. The standard of about five years ago has now changed. Many legacy software was built at a different time and is not flexible enough to move with it. There have often been some updates, but have parts been replaced regularly? Have new ones replaced outdated techniques? And is the system still usable? Does the system still comply with current laws and regulations? Usually, this is not the case, with the only alternative being to purchase new software.

What are the risks of old software?

  • The support from your supplier stops or is not optimal 
  • The internal knowledge lies with too small a group of people
  • The system is not flexible and no longer fits the business processes 
  • the system is already outdated to such an extent that adjustments are no longer possible. 
  • The system no longer complies with laws and regulations
  • Security and privacy are outdated

Many legacy software was built at a different time and is not flexible enough to move with it.

- Enigmatry

Continue to manage, adjust or replace software?

When software is outdated, there are several alternatives. First, it is often possible to partially adjust software so that it still works properly or fits in with other systems. It is also an option to keep the software running so that you have more time and space to look for an alternative. Are these no longer options, and do you want to switch? Then, you can also rebuild the current software with new techniques.

Would you like to read more about this? That's possible here!

If you would like us to take a look at your software and possible choices, request the free quick scan here.

Expert in dealing with old software.

Enigmatry has been around almost 20 years, and we also work with older software for some of our customers. Sometimes, we manage this or adapt it, but often with the ultimate goal of replacing and renewing it. Curious about our work?

For example, read the case of Fosim, a more than 20-year-old calculation model that is indispensable in the Netherlands.

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