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Valuable transport. IoT on the road.

Ensuring that you can easily see where and under what conditions valuable products are or have been transported.

The perfect combination of an innovative customer and tailor-made solutions.

- Enigmatry


The transport sector is vulnerable to all kinds of incidents. Thorough, flawless tracking is indispensable, especially for valuable products. The SBS branch of Imbema Holland makes sophisticated tracking sensors that can track transport in the greatest detail. A beautiful system that we are also very impressed with. With such a wide variety of data, the big picture is important. And there the shoe pinched quite often. Especially when you consider that in practice customers of the sensors have to work in multiple portals. An overview was needed. Because it would be handy if you could clearly read information from different types of sensors at a glance.


We built a user-friendly and affordable portal without having to reinvent the wheel. We cleverly combined .NET Core, Angular and Azure. This enabled us to find solutions in existing IoT and cloud services. Thanks to the portal, measurement data can be viewed quickly, easily and clearly, so that you always know where a product is or has been.


SBS SIS recently did a Proof of Concept for a large customer in which it is shown at the level of a packaging box what information all sensors of valuable transport receive. Such a box contains trackers that know exactly how warm packaging is, for example. But also how much light there is. You can also see whether the box has been dropped, so that you know whether the transport has been handled with care. The Proof of Concept was so successful that the company is now investing further in the platform. It will be expanded with other cases, customers, devices and functionalities.

When developing the SBS SIS portal, we saw how important it is that such a new system is scalable. Because if it is successful, you will eventually have to deal with a huge number of sensors, each of which in turn transmits large flows of information.

Enigmatry has proven to be a well-thought-out, flexible and reliable partner in realizing smart software solutions in a dynamic market and customer-oriented environment.

Manolo de la Fuente, Business Unit Manager

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Valuable transport. IoT on the road.

Always want to know where your product is? We have developed a smart software solution for Imbema regarding the measurement data of their tracking sensors.