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External maintenance. Loyal partners.

How can a customer-supplier relationship grow into a true partnership?

IT specialists with an understanding of complex issues. They now form Sdu's content street team thanks to Enigmatry.

- Enigmatry


Publisher Sdu specializes in professional information for legal, tax and administrative professionals. This means that they often work with complex content such as legal texts. This requires IT specialists who can work with complex content. The Sdu was looking for an external team for the maintenance and further development of their content street.

A team that can work well with the people of the Sdu throughout the entire process from creation to publication of content. But how do you find such a flexible group of people who are aware of the matter and on whom you can really rely?


Enigmatry developers have been working for a long time in the content street team of the Sdu. In this way, the Sdu does not have to look for new people for every project and continuity of knowledge is guaranteed. The Enigmatry team is external, but it doesn't feel that way. Working towards such a long term cooperation should basically be a seperate goal with every customer.


1 + 1 = 3

Sdu is one of our first, one of our largest and one of our most important customers. And that while we initially came into contact with each other through a very small project.

Trust is the keyword when we look back on how that relationship has grown over the years from a kind of customer-supplier construction to a real partnership.


Core team.

Together with Sdu, we have found that collaboration pays off better than a straightforward project in which a software developer only meets the request submitted by a client. When you start to share insights, you really make progress. Sdu invests in the knowledge of our people who have been working as a kind of core team for the publisher for a few years now. And we provide reliable, highly qualified people for a good price.

Get in contact.

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Phone: +31 (0)10 - 240 99 29

External maintenance. Loyal partners.

How can a customer-supplier relationship grow into a true partnership?