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Security baseline.

A good programmer prefers to work from scratch and innovatively develop software. This can produce a wonderful result but can also be a costly adventure due to using the latest technologies. In some cases, these innovative projects are complicated to maintain and introduce unknown bugs.

Custom software - safe and affordable.

Custom software - safe and affordable.

At Enigmatry, we have many creative and specialized colleagues. We want to use this knowledge and expertise as best as possible and use the latest technologies, but at the same time, we also want to have control over the process and the quality of the result. We have devised a working method to bring the best of both worlds together. It is a method in which we use the flexibility of customization and, simultaneously develop software quickly, reliably, securely and affordably, as we have been doing for almost 20 years.

The advantage of customization is that you can use all your creativity and knowledge to develop a perfectly suitable application. In addition, you can also apply the latest techniques at that time. However, there are also a few challenges with custom software. For example, you can introduce errors again because you rebuild everything. You have to test everything thoroughly again, and you often encounter new challenges in practice. As a result, customization usually means more hours, the project takes longer, and the result is not always certain. Opting for 100% customization provides flexibility in both design and functionality.You get 100% suitable software, but it is often more expensive than standard software, more difficult to maintain, and the process is often unpredictable.

By bundling our knowledge and skills, we now have a blueprint.

- Enigmatry

Software development blueprint.

At Enigmatry, we also encountered this challenge. On the one hand, we prefer to create 100% custom software and applications with the latest technologies. Yet, we must also make it attractive for customers to opt for customization in a world with many standard software and rapid application development platforms (low code and no code). ). Because many applications and software that we build, in addition to being custom-made, also have many similarities, we started looking for a solution. Almost all applications have a login screen and are used by multiple users who have their own roles and rights.

In addition, every application or software contains overviews and lists, forms are used and often have essentially the same security requirements. At Enigmatry we saw these similarities and then brought our experience and knowledge together.


A blueprint, basis or foundation, on which we can build any application and software. The blueprint contains a well-thought-out and proven design of an application, fixed rules regarding security and all reusable parts of an application. But it doesn't stop with the blueprint. We have developed a lot of good software over the past fifteen years. In our search for the ideal working method, we decided to use this experience more broadly and make it repeatable. We reuse code, elements and frameworks that work well. We have automated all possible processes.

Our blueprint and working method has been developed by our most experienced programmers (tech leads). They then start working across teams again. They do not work on a specific project, but develop the blueprint and support the agile teams in using it. So that every team can function optimally and every project is of perfect quality. By supporting the teams in practice, our tech leads learn how the blueprint can be made even better. After all, an important aspect of Agile working is evaluating and becoming better at what you do.

And by combining this with our agile working method, we can now develop and roll out software even faster, better and cheaper.

- Enigmatry

Security baseline.

One of the parts of this working method is standardizing and continuously optimizing the security baseline. This means that we do not want to excel in the field of security in a single application, but want to implement this in a standardized way in all our work.

We incorporate security at multiple layers in our projects. That starts with our blueprint and the security by design principle that we apply. We look carefully at security at all layers of software and use. We then get to work in an Agile way, where testers are always a standard part of the teams. They test based on the established security baseline, which includes the blueprint and the OWASP Top 10. Our tech leads are continuously optimizing this security baseline, which runs like a common thread through our organization and software development.

Would you like to know more about secure software at Enigmatry? Download our whitepaper about the OWASP Top 10 here. Would you rather brainstorm with one of our experts about what Security Baseline can do for you? Schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting here.

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