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Successful transformations.

Successful custom solutions from Enigmatry. Over the years, Enigmatry has completed several successful digital transformations. Below, we would like to share a few examples with you:

Traffic Fleet from Ebo van Weel.

Traffic Fleet from Ebo van Weel.

Ebo van Weel is a family business that manufactures car bodies and traffic systems. Director Benny van Weel recognized an opportunity to transform the existing business model into new opportunities. Together with Ebo, Enigmatry has built the Traffic Fleet platform. The platform has insight into maintenance moments, notifications on traffic signs, and travel time. By collecting and visualizing data smartly, Ebo has much more insight and decisions can be made faster.

Transdev – Enigmacare.

Transdev – Enigmacare.

Sometimes, transformation is already in your organization, but you need a partner to bring it out. In ambulance care, there have been problems for some time with the administrative actions that had to be carried out by ambulance staff. It was time-consuming and unclear. Together with the same employees, we looked for the ideal situation in which actions are recorded according to protocol but do not take up time that should benefit the patient.

Digitizing processes.

Because a digital transformation is not something you do overnight, it is important to have a clear idea of what has priority and, therefore, tackle it first. We work with Agile/Scrum ourselves and manage priorities through the backlog. We work iteratively with sprints of 1 or 2 weeks. After each sprint, a clear result is visible, and a substantive discussion will follow to determine the next steps. Want to know more about the scrum?

Team of bright minds.

In addition to our approach and expertise, there is another factor that is important to achieve success: our team. Since you are embarking on an intensive journey together, establishing a strong connection and mutual trust is crucial to achieve the desired result. Enigmatry has a team of bright minds that we have carefully selected. They eagerly embrace challenges. See the team.

The ingredients that Enigmatry uses for a successful digital transformation are:

  • Knowledge
  • Years of experience
  • Project approach that focuses on business value
  • The developers, project managers, analysts and architects. In short, the team!

Curious about successful transformations of Enigmatry?

Contact us and we will tell you more about it and what we can do for you!