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Tight labor market. Attuned teams.

Finding well-matched, reliable software developers.

Good idea. Realized together.

- Founder: Marco Zuijderhoudt


It is not easy for many companies to find good developers. In fact, competition is fierce in the tight labor market. All too often we encounter customers who are squeezed by the lack of capacity. The search can be difficult, especially for SMEs. They are looking for reliable, flexible employees who are also a pleasure to work with. But those are scarce. This problem also occurs in companies with a dominant, leading position. Often companies want to look for nearshore solutions, but they don't know how.


Team As A Service (a collaboration between Enigmatry and Marco Zuijderhoudt) links customers to entire software development teams. Because a team achieves more than an individual. We select the skilled teams very carefully in Eastern and Southern Europe. Because we have been involved in the IT world for more than 25 years, we know exactly how such a team can perform optimally and how it fits in with the specific customer and technology.

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Tight labor market. Attuned teams.

By joining forces, we are able to link skilled software development teams to customers.