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The solution for outdated software.

It remains one of the primary concerns for many organizations – the longevity of software. In the dynamic realm of software development, where technologies and programming languages can swiftly become outdated, the pace of change is unparalleled. Colleagues departing with expertise in these languages or techniques can create a substantial 'knowledge gap.'

The shelf life of software.

The shelf life of software.

The older techniques are no longer taught in schools, posing challenges for organizations in securing the right expertise. Graduating programmers may not master the required programming language or may resist working with outdated software, associating it with potential error-proneness.

If your core business relies on software lacking adequate support, the dilemma arises: replace everything, risking another replacement within five years, or persist in the search for the right colleague?

Specialist in business software.

Over the past 18 years, Enigmatry has witnessed numerous instances where organizations, having invested substantial sums, ultimately find themselves empty-handed. Whether due to departing knowledgeable programmers or a supplier discontinuing support for a specific package, the common thread is clear: replacing software or specific knowledge is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Programmers are taught new techniques in schools with a forward-looking perspective. Yet, understanding outdated software requires knowledge of its historical development. Fortunately, some of our seasoned programmers have experienced this evolution firsthand.

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Organizations that have invested large sums of money in software, ranging up to several hundred thousand euros, are ultimately left empty-handed.

- Enigmatry

Enigmatry in conversation with your software supplier.

Feeling overwhelmed after discussions with your supplier? We are here to assist. We can evaluate your current software, address existing issues, and even take over conversations with your supplier. With 18 years of experience in software development and acquisition, Enigmatry is well-equipped to navigate such challenges on both ends.

Keeping old software running.

Sometimes, organizations need more time to make informed decisions due to reorganizations, internal processes, pending licenses, budget constraints, or a lack of manpower for new software development. In these scenarios, maintaining the old software becomes a viable option. Enigmatry, in collaboration with your current supplier and IT department, explores possibilities to sustain all software securely and reliably.

What can you do if your software needs to be replaced?

Clients often approach us when they face challenges with their current suppliers. Whether a supplier discontinues support or the software no longer aligns with the organization, several scenarios unfold. You may switch to another supplier, engage a third party for software takeover and maintenance, or opt for software rebuilding.

What can you do if your software needs to be replaced?
Rebuild software.

Rebuild software.

Rebuilding software is a viable option. Adjustments can be made to connect the software seamlessly with other systems. Alternatively, rebuilding software from scratch ensures future-proof systems.

Management and maintenance of software.

Prevent your software from becoming outdated within two years with Enigmatry's management and maintenance subscriptions. Once we develop software, we fully support it, taking over all risks and ensuring your software remains up-to-date.