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Renewed online learning environment. Dutch as a second language.

ThiemeMeulenhoff is an established player in the publishing world and a name that rings a bell for many people. The publishing house, which has been around for 225 years, focuses on education and supplies teaching materials for primary, secondary and vocational education. ThiemeMeulenhoff also offers courses called NT2 for adults who want to learn Dutch as a second language.

We found a strong partner in Enigmatry for our digital business transformation.

- CEO Eric Razenberg

The challenge:

Many of ThiemeMeulenhoff's teaching materials are provided in an online learning environment. A great deal is expected from this online platform; it must be accessible at all times, learning materials should load quickly, and the technology must be reliable.

Modernizing the environment was essential to the further development of the online learning environment in the coming years.

ThiemeMeulenhoff came to Enigmatry with this issue. It quickly became clear that new technology had to be developed to make the teaching materials available in a fast and reliable manner.

The solution:

We built a new replacement platform for the teaching methods for primary and secondary education on which the Zebra+, IJsbreker+ and Code+ teaching methods are best used.

We also came up with a solution for the challenge surrounding NT2: ThiemeMeulenhoff supplied the teaching methods and updated content, and we invested in the technology. This is how it became a joint project that we constantly develop. The result is a fast, flexible platform with a straightforward interface.

We have become very active in co-creation in recent years. By acting in the right place at the right time, forming a partnership can provide a solution for the customer. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for Enigmatry to invest in a project that aligns with our beliefs. Going a step further in such a collaboration, we underline a commitment to the customer.

In recent years, we have been able to realize many great ideas. To know which other entrepreneurs have successfully innovated, take a look at our cases.

The solution:

Contact us.

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Renewed online learning environment. Dutch as a second language.

For ThiemeMeulenhoff, we are proud to have launched a new online learning environment. Discover more about our partnership and its impact.