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Use custom software to gain a strategic advantage.

A world-famous marketing strategy used by companies like Apple and Cirque du Soleil is the Blue Ocean strategy. In short, this strategy is about not swimming in the sea where many other fish (competitors) swim because that is a fight. It is better to focus on the waters where you can gain an advantage, the so-called Blue Ocean, where there is plenty of food and little competition. That is precisely where custom software comes into play.

What is custom software?

What is custom software?

Custom software is, as the term implies, tailor-made. This means a developer develops a solution for you, often from scratch. The process, product or service for which software is required forms the basis. In this article, we will explain exactly what this method of software development entails.

When do you use custom software?

There is no clear answer to this; it depends on various factors. But one thing is important: you use custom software if it suits you and your organization. With custom software, you can develop the ultimate process or product, allowing you to use it in various directions. So, you have to look critically at the way you use it. Intelligent, strategic use of custom software can give you a massive advantage over your competitors.

Intelligent, strategic use of custom software can give you a massive advantage over your competitors.

- Enigmatry

Get an edge

A unique process, distinctive from competitors, a new service or product that does not yet exist in your market. These are all examples of moments when you can use custom software. So stay away from the Red Ocean, where your competitors all have the same software package and associated services. Distinguish yourself by strategically implementing custom software in key areas of your organization.


In recent decades, terms such as start-up, scale-up and disruptive organizations have become part of our economic landscape. New entrants to conservative markets are causing enormous changes with their customized technology. By strategically realizing innovation with custom software, old business models are suddenly no longer so secure.

Now, we all know the stories of and Airbnb but make no mistake. Many SMEs are currently working to enhance their strategic competitive advantage by implementing innovations on a large scale. They are looking for that one blue ocean in which they are the only ones who can strike quietly.

What can you do?

What can you do?

Ask yourself: which processes or products within our company are unique? Which processes or products are generic, and can we perhaps adapt? Where do we want to increase our competitive advantage?

Just answering those questions will reveal so much information that you can start thinking about implementation. If you would like to know what is possible in the field of custom software, come and discuss it with our experts in the field of digital transformation. Together with you, they look at the options within your business case.

Know more?

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