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What should you pay attention to when getting started with custom software?

Custom software is quality. It is specific, unique and built with attention. If you opt for customized software, you naturally want it to meet your wishes fully. This means that you want to use the best developers for your project. If specific knowledge is required, you look for an experienced developer with those particular skills and experience.

Compare it with a car. One might think it's easy: person one builds the wheels, person two constructs the chassis, person three shapes the body, and so forth.A week before the deadline, you put everything together, and you have a car. This is also often the case with software development, where you can build all the elements separately. But, when you put everything together just before delivery, you discover - as in the case of the car - that you have forgotten the bolts, that the axles are missing or that things do not fit together properly. Or that the car just doesn't work or drive when you put it together. But then the money has run out, and the deadline has arrived.

An integrated approach.

An integrated approach.

This is often also the case with software. If you approach it that way, which may be intuitive, you will see that you have not achieved the desired result at the H-hour. It is essential to take an integrated look at what the minimum needs are and make a priority list. You tackle everything with the highest priority first. If you want to make a car, you have to make a chassis with four wheels, it needs a seat, and the car needs a steering wheel and a brake. You might not have a body or lights yet, but you already have a functional drivable vehicleThat's how you should approach it. While it might not be the most intuitive approach, it ensures that you can progress from a functional version. That is not always easy, especially with software. Because what is that, such a workable version? Ultimately, the customer often finds everything important. However, this isn't always feasible; you must make decisions and deliberate carefully. That is what we aim for at Enigmatry.

User experience in custom software.

Obviously, it is important that the software that is tailor-made for you works well. But what is just as important, and perhaps a little less obvious, is that your software is also user-friendly. After all, it is not the developer but you who will use the customized software. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that it is easy to use so that you can use it yourself - even after launch. So make sure that you continue to test the process, so that you can see in the meantime whether it is easy to use. You can then make any changes immediately.

Just as important, and perhaps even more overlooked, is that your software is also user-friendly.

- Enigmatry

Support from the supplier.

What you sometimes see is that there is a software product on the market, but that market is so small that the party that created it decides to support it no longer has left it or is no longer developing it. What very often happens is that software no longer complies with legislation. Consider, for example, the introduction of privacy legislation, which meant that many standard packages had to be newly built or adapted to remain compliant. Suppose you are dealing with a large software supplier in America who does not care about European privacy legislation because he only has ten European customers, for example. In that case, you have to look for an alternative. Market conditions or legislation often mean that a package that is being used is suddenly no longer suitable.

Therefore, discuss at the start of the project how support is provided and what kind of support you can expect. It is simply part of the initial start-up process. Software maintenance is not a subject that you have to tackle after delivery.

At Enigmatry, this is always a key discussion point from the beginning. Do you employ programmers who can support the software, or do we take care of the maintenance? The programming language - if you already use software - is also tailored to your needs. Enigmatry specializes in several technologies. If there is no preference for a specific programming language, we choose the technology we have in-house.

 How do you keep custom software safe?

How do you keep custom software safe?

The last thing you want is for sensitive company data to end up 'on the street'. The security of your software is, therefore, of immense importance. Hackers are always lurking and continuously adapting their skills and tactics. Because security holes that have been addressed in the latest software releases are known, hackers know where the weak spots lie. The security of your software is, therefore, a continuous process. Stopping security means that you are easier prey for hackers.

Maintenance contract.

At Enigmatry, we, therefore, offer management and maintenance after going live. This ensures that you continuously receive the latest updates and patches.Depending on your wishes, we can take over the management of the software we have built. But it may also be that your programmers can maintain the software themselves. If you opt for a maintenance contract, updates will be made, the software will be updated, and you can contact us for problems and issues.

Go for a good match.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a party that will build software for you, you ultimately have to look for a party that suits you. That could be in terms of technology, in the way they look at software, but it could also be the size. If you are a start-up and you employ three people, you can go to AFAS Origin, a software company that employs five thousand people, but that will not really be a match. Conversely, if you are a multinational, such as Shell, that has a project for two thousand programmers, they can contact Enigmatry, but then we are not a match.

It is important that you match in size, language, culture, technology and working methods if you want to be able to do a good project together. Of course, money is an important element in your choice, but it is not necessarily the case that the cheapest offer is also the best offer. Ultimately, it's about the value you receive for your investment and the associated risks. In the end, you should be satisfied and feel like you got the most out of it. It is crucial to find a partner who leaves you with that sense of satisfaction. Asking questions carefully is critical.

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