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Existing business.

We build next level software for next level business. How would you set up your existing business if you had to start it all over again? That is the question we put at the centre of our approach.

It seems as if technical developments are happening faster than you can blink your eyes. Consumer behavior is also erratic and one year is completely different from the next. Disruptive start-ups are all too eager to respond to this. In this continuous flow of developments, it is important that your company changes in a smart way. Or better: grows with it. But how do you do this in a healthy way?

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is why we work closely with our customers. We investigate the problem with workshops and a proof of concept. This gives us a clear picture of the business and the challenge we are taking on. In addition, we work lean and agile, so that we propose the right solution in a way that works well. In this way a radical transformation changes from a necessity into a refreshing proce.

Do you want to know exactly what custom software development is and how you can benefit from it strategically? read more here.

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You have got a good idea, perhaps inspired by a new technology or an appealing example from another industry. Based on your research, a healthy gut feeling and some assumptions. To be able to investigate the feasibility, you need feedback from your stakeholders and the target group. Under the motto 'Fail fast learn faster', we work with you in the first phase on a proof of concept. Validate the assumptions and with sufficient positive feedback, support and budget we determine an MVP.


In the era of rapid technical development, it is not the biggest that survives, but the fastest. The faster the MVP is delivered without major errors, the faster feedback comes and can be included in the next improvement.

An MVP is not the same as a proof of concept. With an MVP you actually enter the market. It is a minimally working product that is sufficient to use for your target group, but does not come close to your end goal. Together we look at which functionalities must be delivered as a minimum. Your skateboard!

  • prevent waste
  • decide as late as possible
  • deliver as soon as possible
  • get feedback quickly
  • enhance the learning effect

Growing in small steps

Congratulations! Your ideas catch on and with all the feedback we can further develop the next step together. From the skateboard to the car. You still work closely with our team, which meanwhile understands your business and challenge better and better. Short iterations.

The shorter the iterations, the faster communication and the faster the team learns. Due to this speed, decisions can be postponed. Speed ensures the realization of the current wishes of the customer and not what was needed yesterday.

Involve Enigmatry in the transformation

Regardless of which phase you are in, we are curious if we can also transform your business. Call or email for a non-binding introduction to see which solution would help you best.

Contact us.

Want to know more about digital transformation?

We have brought our knowledge together in our white paper 'How do you approach a digital transformation?'. You will find here, among other things:

  • What the difference is between digitization and digital transformation
  • How to tackle a digital transformation
  • How do you involve people in a digital transformation
  • An expert interview with Marco Derksen, the author of 'Kleur bekennen' in which, based on experience, explains how to approach a transformation.

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Safe Transformation

An important part of a digital transformation is security. If you are making changes or are going to collect data in a different way, it is important that your environment is safe to prevent unwanted situations such as a data breach.

Enigmatry therefore works with security by design and has also developed a white paper that describes what you can do yourself to check your software for risks. Read all about security here.