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Running software.
Smartly managed.

From support to full management. We ensure smart maintenance of software, always keep it up to date and ensure efficient further development.

No system runs smoothly until the end of time. An application must be dynamic and continuously change with new developments. But the traditional approach to management often stands in the way of this innovation.

The software management department is conservative by nature. Changes are often seen as disruptive. But organizations are constantly changing. Processes too. Why doesn't that apply to software? The problem of traditional management can be summed up in a nutshell: developers and administrators often do not work well together. When an application is ready for delivery, developers often do nothing more than pass the baton to the administrators. The other way around, there is often the feeling that the other party is responsible for solving a problem.

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In our agile way of working there is no longer a 'transfer' from developer to administrator. A shorter chain without manuals and transfers significantly reduces the chance of errors. In this way, developers and administrators learn each other's language, software is maintained in a pleasant way and, perhaps most importantly, the system always does what it is supposed to do.

Security is in our DNA

Flexible development does not mean unsafe. Developing secure applications is in our DNA and we have a security standard that is applied to different layers of development. You can read more about Security by Design and the Security Baseline here.

Involve Enigmatry in management and further development

For good advice, we first deepen our knowledge regarding your application. Call or email for a non-binding introduction.

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